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“The strongest force in the universe comes from the smallest star…”

There are times that your day is  just dull, and all you have is a pen and paper. Somehow, if a writer have those, everything is possible. A little bit of ink and creativity and there goes an article written on a piece of paper that I hope readers out there might find delightful enough.

I don’t have the proper schooling to be a writer. It’s not necessary. If you dont have the means to be a writer but in your heart you know you are a writer, then YOU ARE A WRITER. I know I am….

Hi guys!

Expect lots of drama, lol.

Nah… but being GAY is all about it anyway. First of all, I would try to update this blog as often as I can. I did a blog site to release my emotions and frustrations that a person like me, and just like everyone else is going through. For one thing, frustrations and problems in life won’t end, it’s a day to day thing.

Let me start with myself, and I’m really not good with this. I’ll try my best. I am Bendoren, 25 years old, gay, never had a same sex relationship before. I just think that the world has more to offer, A LOT MORE.

I’ve been working in a call center here on Eastwood, it’s been going on for 3 months. I absolutely love the company, I actually think I’m gonna spned a lot of time working with all of my colleagues.

Oh, before working as a call center agent, I went abroad before. Aside from studying college, I also studied Caregiving. It became my passport to go elsewhere, and yeah, I enjoyed working there, even though that place is kinda new and scary. It’s a muslim country. But I loved my patient so much I looked at him as my father.

My life… is boring. trust me. I’m really not searching for adventures anyway. But sometimes, you just cant help but ask yourself, “Am I going to be just like this forever?” Of course there are hilarious events that had happened, but they are not in the clubs, or from my night life. With my schedule, I don’t think its possible. Lucky are those gays who has all the time in the night to go out, LOL.

I’d like to think of myself as conservative, I’m close to being the first gay saint. Obviously a lot of gay men would go out and get excited of getting laid, well not in my case. It would be nice to make love with your partner in a serious relationship rather than just having sex with random guys. I’m having a hard time trusting guys when it comes to sex, and I dont know why. Oh well, I guess I’m different in some ways…


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