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06-25-2009, Thu

For all the gamers out there, I’m going to announce something special for you guys. It will be a surprise, let’s leave it at that for the moment. But it would let you play and at the same time let you earn money… yeah, just by sitting on your couch. Althoug some people might doubt it, I think it’s great! Plus the fact that you’ll just have to invest a small amount of money. Stay tuned for that… 🙂


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06-24-2009, Wed

I’m still waiting for him. GOD… I don’t know how long I can keep up with it! Did someone say about going to a club and finding “something” there? lol

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04-23-2009, Thu

So here I am again in the office supervising my buddies. On Saturday, we will have our outting. It would be in a relatively near place here in Manila, a province. What I dont et is why the hell are we going to a hot spring when its summer here and its so hot? None of us is that old to cure painful parts of our bodies anyway!

My bf is still nonexistent… ERGH!… Makes me depressed.

I’m not into fashion that much, although I’m gay. You might wanna check this one out: I have no interest with the “oh so feminine” guy, but Im gonna give him the applause for being so gay that I think he smells like feminine wash… HAHAHA!

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04-22-2009, Wed

It’s 9:30 PM here. Im at the office trying to monitor my colleagues on their work. Team leader has a massive pain on his stomach (a.k.a. diarrhea). GOD… Im still waiting for my long distance bf, supposed to be my serious bf, and we havent talked for a long time now. Isnt it weird? he’s saying that this relationship is serious and he wont even call me if he’s still alive or whatever’s happening to his life… I think I hate internet now…

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