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So you think you’re BI huh??… NOT!

Sorry to interrupt my journal entries with that of WoW articles.

Anyway, I dont understand why gays here tend to categorize themselves as Bi or Gay, when the truth is the choices to choose from arent really suitable at all. I mean, these gays would try to say that they are bisexuals in some gaysites but they havent been with a girl’s company before. How on earth can you be a bi if you’re only attracted to guys?

Here’s how it goes… I was chatting to thse guys over the internet and normally, when they are pinoy gays, they would ask you if you are i or gay beforehand. I was asked with that, and immediately said that I am gay, without hesitation. Athough at first it seems to me that he was kinda in to it, it kinda waned on the other said side after I told him I’m gay. Well too bad, I liked his face. So there, he didn’t have the same interest on me after telling him that.

Usually, “bi” pinoys would turn things around after learning that they’re talking to a “gay obvious” type. The thing is, these “bi” guys would want to have sex with other masculine guys. So the ‘obviously” gay guys are left behind, and it’s funny since the latter are the ones that are more sincere and sweet than the former. I bet those masculine pinoys are just pretending to be masculine, and if there’s no one’s around they’re just as feminine as the others.

In the US, Bisexuality means, as it has always have been, attracted to both sexes to the point that he/she can have sex to him/her… very different to how gay guys here in the Philippines define it. Get your dictionary!


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